Protect your crops from pests & diseases

Real Time Crop Monitoring

Planticus’ crop monitoring solutions help you detect pests and diseases in time. Never again worry about your harvest being lost.

Helping farmers all over the world
with early-stage disease detection

Backed by renowned institutions, we are

Secure Your Crops

State of the art, yet affordable technology to

Early Detection

Our technology is trained to detect pests and diseases early enough, so treatment is still possible.

Real-time notifications

Get notified when irregularities are detected and advise you when to take action.


Subscription based pricing avoids heavy upfront investments. Instead get immediate ROI.

How Planticus works

Easy to deploy. Fastest Time To Value.


Planticus detection devices can be deployed in greenhouses or on open fields. Every device turns a worker or even a cart into a professional scouter. Pictures are taken and uploaded to the Planticus cloud.


Once uploaded to the Planticus cloud, our detection algorithm processes every image, and detects any anomalies. Thanks to a continuous stream of images from across the globe, we have the most extensive library of pests and diseases.


You get instant notifications when pests or diseases are detected, so you can act accordingly. Avoid a complete loss of harvest and exuberant sanitation costs.


What People Say


Jesse Smits

Plant Manager

“One of the added values of Planticus is the accessibility of its team, which has been supportive of our vision and role in the sector since the very beginning. The Planticus platform has been key in providing meaningful data to our team and enhancing engagement with our scouters”

Gabriella Morales

Greenhouse Manager

“ By using Planticus it provides me more harvest and a decrease in the use of pesticides”which results in a ROI of 17%”

Luca Bianchi

Agricultural Engineer

“Planticus’ solution blends seamlessly in my daily operations, and this without disrupting any of my existing processes and habits”


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