From treatment to early detection and prevention

How technology saves tomato crops and brings ease of mind This article was originally published on Food & Beyond Every person who has tried their hands at growing food has come to face the harsh reality that, just like humans, plants get sick. In professional farming, it’s not any better. Farmers invest billions of dollars […]

Belgian start-up helps tomato growers worldwide to protect their harvest

“We provide great peace of mind for our users” This interview was originally published on Bloovi in Dutch The path of each entrepreneur is unique. One person broods on an idea for years, finally launches it and after about two months notices that his product does not catch on, despite the favorable prospects. Another notices […]

Bridging the gap between technology and practice

A sector caught between innovation and tradition The agricultural sector has always operated in a challenging environment. Since the early days, people have had to hone their innovative minds to find ways of herding animals, sowing improved crops each year and battling the elements to produce the food needed for survival.  Nowadays, agriculture is much […]